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CrowdGuard is a movement against sexual and gender based violence. In legal terms we are set-up as a hybrid organisation, with a nonprofit and a social enterprise side.

CrowdGuard Association

The tax-exempt nonprofit organisation CrowdGuard International Association is located in the ImpactHUB in Zurich (Switzerland), and operates from the Social Offline in Delhi (India). CrowdGuard International and it’s first country chapter CrowdGuard India (in registration) are leading the movement and responsible for strategy, research, impact evaluation, partnership building, fundraising, operation of the CrowdGuard app and the user support centre. The nonprofit organisation is currently financed by private donations.


The social enterprise organisation crowdtect is responsible for the app development, maintains the source code, and provides technical support and digital work tools to the nonprofit organisation. The social enterprise is boot-strapped and receives licence fees from CrowdGuard International.

The hybrid model was chosen to enable CrowdGuard access to both, donations and CSR funds, as well as social impact investments. To make a donation please visit this page. For questions regarding CSR contributions and social impact investment, please write to info [at]