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IITD Rendezvous Safety Partnership

The student-led IITD Rendezvous college fest takes a stand for community-based safety and has engaged CrowdGuard as official safety partner because the responsibility for a safe environment and equal opportunities concerns everyone.

Listen to the IITD Rendezvous anchors Anubhuti Agarwal and Shubendu Sumbli explain why North India’s largest college fest engaged in the safety partnership with CrowdGuard:


Transcript: “Hi, my name is Anubhuti, and I’m Shubendu. We’re studying civil engineering and engineering physics at IIT Delhi. This weekend we celebrate our fest Rendezvous, which is North India’s largest college fest. This year we expect a footfall of over 50’000 students from over 300 colleges. At Rendezvous,

we’ve chosen CrowdGuard as our official safety partner, because we believe that unlike the hundreds of existing SOS apps available for mobile phones, CrowdGuard really improves your safety.

The app always tells you how many people for your different networks are nearby. When you are in your neighbourhood, or on campus – you have your friends or family around and can rely on your first network degree connections for help.

If you are far from home, you might not have friends – or friends of friends – nearby. With CrowdGuard you can receive help from the members of the trusted CrowdGuard helper community – people you might not know, but who have been verified by three mechanisms: identification through mobile phone number and device, trust vetted by personal contacts in good standings, and affiliated with a local community, such as a college or a startup company.

What makes CrowdGuard truly unique, is that it follows a community-approach which gives young men in particular a role in the fight against sexual and gender based violence.

By making this challenge a community-issue, CrowdGuard initiates a trust network of helpers nearby, and thereby creates the possibility of real social change. All it takes is your commitment to intervene if someone requires your help. Now we have a tool to make India and the world a safer place. Download CrowdGuard app now, and become part of this movement.”

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