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research and evaluations

The CrowdGuard impact report v1 assesses the beta phase 2015-2016 in New Delhi during which the CrowdGuard bystander activation workshop and community app were tested with over 5500 participants.

A selection of 2137 participants has been surveyed about their given safety and solidarity attitudes, knowledge and experiences, and the programmes’ effect on their safety perception, empowerment to enact social change in general and capacity to help in particular, and commitment to apply the learned skills. Results show that the combined treatment of education and connection leads to significant improvements. The community app treatment sample further allowed to measure the actionability of the bystander pledges during an intensive testing period with simulated incidents. All simulated incidences received help from connected bystanders. Based on the participants qualitative and quantitative feedback, the programme has been iteratively improved and augmented with a policy component to fit the local cultural and institutional context. The programme scaling mechanism which relies on volunteers has been adjusted by field learnings and projected for India.


Download the complete CrowdGuard Impact Report Beta Phase (pdf, 106 pages, 5MB)