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We all have experienced wrongs. Human hurting others.
Intervention with good intentions can help, but doesn’t free from disaster.

When personal and bodily integrity are in danger, one doesn’t always run and flee the scene.
People end up freezing, submitting or counter attacking.

Not always is asking for help an option.
And bystanders face their own biases, intoxication, stress and skill gap which limits the personal potential to constructive help.

Your Mistakes Don’t Define You,
They Teach You

To learn and improve, to inspire, to self reflect, and to showcase best practices we ask you to

share your story about requesting or receiving help from someone

or alternatively to share your story about helping someone

Share your experience no matter where: Domestic space at home, or in the bus, club, field, market, park, restaurant, society or on the street.

Please be brutally honest. Do vent the brutal about your experience. If brutal wasnt directed at you try to tell your story with kindness and empathy.

Submit your story as text in the form below, send it or media files to hello AT, or simply post your story with mention #CrowdGuard