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see how the CrowdGuard app works

When your intuition or past experience tell you that you might face an assault, such as when you leave the workspace or the library after a late work session, just plug your headphones into your mobile phone, and open the app.

CrowdGuard informs you about the number of potential helpers in your close proximity. Use the slider to choose the help community you trust and active the sharp mode.

Now you are prepared whenever people with bad intentions are stalking or thwarting you and the atmosphere suddenly changes.

In sharp mode you can post information about your companion or any strange clues you have picked up. If for example a strange driver makes inappropriate moves, tell the driver that you’ve entered its number plate and mugshot to the safety system, which might already deter a potential perpetrator. The text you entered and pictures you shot are automatically forwarded to the helpers if you trigger an alert, and are deleted otherwise.

Keep your cool in threatening situations!

Always ask your fellow human being for help – this is the most practical and fastest way to eliminate a high risk situation. Are you exposed to a violent assault and with nobody around – or no helpful human beings – then use Crowdguard!

To trigger the alarm simply pull the headphone plug out of the phone or press the power button three times. These triggers circumvent the need to unblock the phone screen or enter any password. Alternatively you can trigger the alarm in the lock-screen menu or with the in-app buttons.

The members in your closest geographical proximity of the help community you chose are alarmed.

If notified users don’t respond or deny to help, the geographical radius is increased and further distanced people are invited to help.

The helpers are being navigated to the incidence with a map, and can communicate with you and each other through a chat facility and the shortcuts in the status menu. The app allows unexperienced helpers to first join with other helpers, and to form a crowd before intervening at the incidence. The chat also allows to give the all-clear in case of a false alarm.

The safety and security of helpers has highest priority

CrowdGuard automatically detects once you arrive at the incidence. Depending on the clarity of the situation and the imminent danger you can help the person in need, or deflect the perpetrators from a safe distance by signaling them that they are under observance.

You can inform the other helpers about your assessment and receive their assessments.

Yet consider that other users might have mis-assessed the situation, and thus always inform your judgment by your own observation.

Helpers are invoked to stand-by the assaulted person, until the arrival of the police, to give a witness statement if required. A built-in mechanism informs every participant about the state of the emergency call, and registers the police work. This strengthens the position of the survivor and also puts the police work under due diligence.

After the help event, participants can give their feedback and receive information about helplines and constructive post-stress management.

CrowdGuard has completed the beta stage. Sign-up to learn when we launch in your area and how you can get involved.