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Youth Ambassador Sign-Up

Thanks for your interest to become a CrowdGuard Youth Ambassador. We are on-boarding new Youth Ambassadors on an ongoing basis, to complement the existing team and strengthen our presence at colleges in Delhi NCR. If you’re outside Delhi, you can sign-up nevertheless and we’ll get back to you when we start to expand the programme beyond Delhi.

Your role

As a Youth Ambassador you contribute to the social change through college-level student mobilisation and facilitation of peer-based sessions about prevention of sexual and gender based violence. We love smart intrinsically-driven people with a can-do attitude and give students ample opportunities to think, explore, learn and grow.

What you will do

You initiate the movement in your college community by hosting classroom sessions, executing campus-based activities, and by inviting your peers to join the CrowdGuard helper community.

What you will learn

First-hand experience on how to create social impact from scratch
Gain practise in public speaking and in hosting interactive sessions
Work with and contribute to the improvement of cutting-edge technology
Experience working with a Switzerland-based hybrid organisation

Future Opportunities

Outstanding contributors qualify to receive trainings in work methods and public speaking, and subsequently take on more responsibilities in the backend operations such as community support and social media management or frontend operations such as relationship management or hosting workshops and focus groups together as a fe_male team.

About CrowdGuard is an agile and bootstrapped organisation, with a network of highly committed contributors in India and abroad. We follow a participative approach in outreach with local partnerships and our Youth Ambassador Programme on gendered violence and civil skills. CrowdGuard is still young – you are invited to co-shape our culture, strategy and operations. The future isn’t a place that we’re going to go to. It’s a place that we create.
CrowdGuard is committed to provide equal opportunities. We seek to engage female, male and other gender groups. As a team member you will also serve as role models for inter-gender collaboration.

Apply to become a Youth Ambassador by filling out the form below. We’ll get in touch with you

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The CrowdGuard Campus Team