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a programme that induces a value change

With the CrowdGuard workshop we aim to raise awareness about sexual and gender based violence, build empathy, and spread knowledge about self-assertion and safe intervention.

Workshop Structure

The workshop structure is based on our Tagore-inspired RAKHI structure: R stands for respecting your own and other people’s bodily integrity; A reminds you to stay alert and accept the situation, both as helper and potential person in need; K is about knowing the barriers of bystander intervention; H equips you with skills to overcome these hurdles; and I summarises the intervention content and shows how your contribution can inspire others to help as well.

A typical workshop runs for 78 minutes and includes topics varying from ice-breaker activities, empathy exercise, to intervention and inspiration of others, focusing on some major issues such as making a safety plan, the bystander barriers and how to overcome them.

Workshop Delivery

For the pilot phase in Delhi NCR we have partnered with the women-led student organisation HopeInU and its members to bring the CrowdGuard bystander workshops to students across Delhi NCR. The workshops are being facilitated by college-going CrowdGuard Youth Ambassadors, as empirical studies have shown that peer-based violence prevention and bystander activation programmes are most effective.